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Naked pedestrian struck by car, driver leaves the scene

Car accidents are fairly common in most areas of Connecticut. Most car accidents happen between two or more vehicles, but can also occur between a car and a pedestrian. When a car accident involves a pedestrian, the circumstances surrounding the accident can become a little more complicated depending the rules and regulations related to pedestrians and motor vehicles. Aside from the complication between the rules and regulations, a recent car accident that involved a pedestrian may have an additionally unusual element to the accident.

The recent pedestrian accident occurred when the vehicle collided with a man -- who was nude at the time of the accident. The accident happened on a residential roadway when the nude man was reportedly trying to pass through traffic. The man was ultimately hit by a passing vehicle.

Unfortunately, the unusual circumstances do not stop with the car accident that involved a nude pedestrian. The vehicle that collided with the pedestrian left the scene of the accident, which turns the car accident into a hit-and-run scenario.

After the hit-and-run accident occurred, the pedestrian continued to travel on foot. The injured man was able to make it to a nearby residential house. After being found by the owner of the residential house, the pedestrian was taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The related police report indicates the man was not intoxicated and the reason he was nude has not been determined. The accident remains under investigation. This case may involve unusual circumstances, but it doesn't mean that a determination of fault cannot be found.

Source: Ct Post, "Nude Juneau man involved in traffic accident," Jan. 25, 2013

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